Devastating news

As you know if you’ve followed this blog, I was scheduled to meet up with the guys from End of All Roads in Puebla last week. Sadly beyond words, one of the crew – Brian Johnson – skidded off the road and lost his life on their first day in Mexico, close to Zacatecas.

I only knew Brian a little from interacting with him online (and mutually trying to contain Dan’s panic level about their website). But from the outpouring of poignant testimonials by his friends and family, I can tell Brian was an incredibly special person who touched countless lives in his time. 

Here is the moving tribute Dan and Brian’s friends and family made to him on the End of All Roads Facebook Page:

Here is Brian’s bio on their blog site, which to me really illustrates the kind of person he was and the life he tried and succeeded in leading:

The rest of the crew has vowed that the ride will continue in Brian’s honor. I’ve told them I have a bottle of Mezcal and 5 shot glasses waiting for them. 

The rest of the blog will continue in a few days. I’ve been pretty disoriented and not in the writing spirit much lately.


  1. Wow Matt – what a tragedy. So very sorry to hear about Brian. Sincerest condolences to his family, friends, and to you.

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