Itinerary Part 1 – Mexico

Well I’ve been fighting with various map/route plugins for a few hours. I’m not happy with any of them, so for now you just get a nice screenshot! 

Things can and will change constantly of course, but here’s the opening semblance of a plan:

  • Leave Wednesday (the 20th).
  • Chill out with my poker buddy Gramps in Tijuana for a night.
  • Maybe camp at La Jolla campground in La Bufadora south of Ensenada – or maybe barrel further into Baja.
  • Camp and hike for a few days in Sierra de San Pedro Martín national park in central Baja. Snow! Woo hoo.
  • Make my way to La Paz, take the ferry over to Mazatlan on the mainland (ignore the map, which doesn’t realize there’s a ferry to Mazatlan apparently.
  • Maybe head down toward Puerto Vallarta and chill on the beach for a bit
  • Go north a bit to San Miguel de Allende for a few days
  • Make my way to Puebla for a week-long intensive Spanish school a this place: which comes highly recommended
  • Hang out in Oaxaca for a few days at a couple campgrounds which are hubs for “overlanders” – who are people doing what I am doing, except most of them have some sort of camper van or RV, and eat lots of mole. Food in Oaxaca is a highlight of the trip
  • Make my way over to Tulum by Feb 1 – to meet up with some friends who are doing a similar trip (except the whole world) on their motorcycles: (they’re all pilots with a lot of seniority, so they’re taking a month on/month off to ride – 3 year trip around the world).
  • Hang out in Tulum for a couple weeks
  • Then all signs tentatively point to my friend Shauna coming to hang out with me for 3 weeks, drive from Tulum, check out Belize for a week, then Guatemala.
  • After that it’s pretty wide open, but I will probably try to find another week-long intensive Spanish class in Antigua, Guatemala.
  • Then my motorcycle buddies will be driving the rest of the way through Central America starting March 15th. So I may meet up with them somewhere a long the way.
  • Then I still have to be in Patagonia on 4/16 for a photo expedition – but I will probably fly out of Panama City or Costa Rica – because I have determined it’s ridiculous to try to drive down there that fast.
  • Then I will deal with shipping my car to South America after the photo trip



  1. Hey Matt,
    I didn’t know if you knew, Mary Kay is in Belize. You may have already known but I saw that was on the itenerary. You should look her up! I definitely want to follow your blog. Insanely jealous of this. Maybe after the kids graduate….lol. Be safe and have a blast!!

  2. Wow Matt! So excited for you! I would love to visit Oaxaca as well as San Miguel Allende – always checking out trips for these two places. Stay safe and I’m definitely following your adventures. Say “hi” to Shauna!

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