The Plan

In April 2018 Marc Adamus is going to take an expedition on the boat you see pictured somewhere hovering around this blog post (not the thing below, that’s a car). We’re going to get into fjords in Chile and places most people, much less landscape photographers, never go. I also went on a Patagonia expedition with Marc in 2017, which was amazing.I’ve been on I think 7 trips with Marc, and there’s always some kind of crazy adventure. This will be a new experience for all of us, including Marc. So I had to jump at this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. I am an explorer at heart. I am 99% sure if I was born a 19th Century English gentleman, I would have been off exploring some dark heart of Africa or Antarctica or something – with proper fine china and dining set in tow of course.

So why am I driving? Well, apparently these sub-sub-sub-compacts are the best cars that Marc can rent in Patagonia:

I spent 10 days in one of these – whose interior design philosophy I have dubbed “Openly Hostile”. Literally I think they chose options that were more expensive, just to punish the occupants for refusing to splurge on any amenity. I decided I can’t do another trip in those cars. So I’m gonna drive down there and use my FJ instead – which also gets me a nice discount off the trip price. Should be fun to see everyone jockeying to be in the FJ. I can be bribed with beer.

So that’s the only hard and fast parameter – I have to be in El Calafate on April 16, 2018. Everything else is negotiable. I plan to leave some time around the end of 2017 or early 2018. And as fate would have it a friend if mine is also taking a motorcycle trip with some buddies through Mexico and Central America. So I will be hooking up with them along the way. They get a support vehicle. I get 4 more pairs of eyes, ears and fists.  

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